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My Bio

Hi, and welcome to my page. banana.gif

Ok, so this isn't Facebook or anything like that... but in a way, it could be.
You see, I'm Alderaanean. Yes, I'm one of the few survivors from the Alderaan system that went Ka-Poof!

And no, I wasn't on my home world when those murdering Imperials blew it apart and turned it into an asteroid belt. Yea, an asteroid belt. Its all that is left of my beautiful home and loved ones that were on Alderaan.
I was a little girl and was off world with my grandparents when I- ...*must pause a moment for I can't seem to type with blurred vision* 

 I lost everything, it seemed, when I lost everyone and Alderaan.
Soo..back to the point I was getting at with this being like Facebook; if you are also one of the few Alderaanean survivors, too, then please send me a PM so that we can connect. thumbsup.gif

OK, so that we can start off on the right foot:
Please...... don't ever, EVER call me anything, but by my name, Marina...please? pray.gif
I know sometimes people think by making up cute names for other people, will make them unique and noticeable to them. Well, not with me... I like my name, as it is the one my parents gave me.
I loved my mom and dad a lot, and they loved me. They will always be in my heart...always. And their gift to me besides life, was my name; Marina.
 Okies? :)

Alright... 'now who is this girl?' you ask. Well, I'm assuming you are curious to know, as that is why you took the time to look into my profile and are reading this.
Yes, I figured out a way to track my readers. Your IP is pinged upon you opening up my profile.
Haha! I see you!
And yes, I can bet that you are thinking... 'Yea, right!'
Oh yea?!.... well, you are right. :lol
No, I don't have the means of telling or knowing who is checking my profile. But I did get a reaction from you, none the less.


By now you've probably figured out that I am not a tough chick at all.
Nope, not at all.
I'm a pacifist to tell you the truth.  Actually, I don't like blasters, knives, brass knuckles or anything of the like. Aldreraanean, remember?
Ya...I've survived by taking my narrow tail out of jams before it gets a chance to get jammed! didn't come out right.
I mean-
Gah! I lost my train of thought... :(

Anywho, you know the saying; run and live to fight another day... ?
Yea well, that's me, in a way.
Except, that the day to fight rarely has come up for me.
And I plan to keep it that way, as my insurance premium are skyrocketing high enough already...not to mention the ever rising deductibles that come with the policies.. . :(
 I'm barely keeping my head and transport business above water as it is, with the cost of legal operations. And no, I'm no smuggler. Sure I could go the illegal route, but that's not my character at all. Like I said; I like my tail in one piece...and unscathed.

Ooops, looks like I'm ramblin on.
OK, I'll ease up on you.
Read my Bio as posted on the boards. It will have my family history and education and credentials like that.
Right now I'm just hanging out, taking it slow, working for my grandparents's transport company.

In short;  I did acquire  a doctorate degree in law and political science. Just that right now, I don't have the motivation in getting into politics.
Hard you see, when you no longer have a home to represent. But then again, I can one day just represent the Republic and its policies. day.

Oh...and so you know; my transport operation is legit and not illegal. I like to earn an honest credit with an honest haul. I don't smuggle.
Ok, so I am not going to get rich doing it the honest way anytime soon. But at least, I am keeping my own and I am not wanted in any star system.
...and I am hoping to keep it that way, too.
Seems lately though, that I'm getting into one mess after another.

Well, that's all you need to know for now, anyway...
You have a nice day now, and watch your step on the landing ramp...hear? :)   



My Occupation

Captain of Mariner IV. Freelance transporter of goods and personnel.